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What’s the Job of General Contractors?

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The job of general contractors is to manage and oversee the home improvement or construction process. Oftentimes, they hire subcontractors to the actual job. They mainly act as the prime contact of the clients, which means they should always be on top of the project and give the client an answer if they have any question or concern.

General contractors are also responsible for hiring specialists to handle the more complicated aspects of home improvement or construction projects, such as heating, air conditioning, plumbing, painting, and roofing. They are expected to understand all types of construction documents, such as project manuals, blueprints, drawings, proposals, and many others.

General Contracting Defined

General contracting pertains to supervisory work done by general contractors. General contractor manages a home construction or renovation project and their job includes hiring subcontractors and other professionals to finish the project. They act as supervisors of the project and ensure that everyone does their job and are paid on time. General contractors also meet with the clients and update them of the developments on the site.

General contractors are also sometimes referred to as construction managers and their average income is at $85,630 in 2014. Their job outlook for the next five years is pegged at 5% growth with the positive forecast on the real estate market. To become a general contractor, a bachelor’s degree is usually required. Novices are required to have on-the-job training under an experienced construction manager for at least a year.

A Closer Look at the Construction Industry

There may be just one general contractor hired for a single project as they can supervise just one part of the construction project. They can handle residential, commercial, and industrial structures. They can oversee simple and specialty tasks, which means they are capable of completing any type of construction project assigned to them.

In many states, general contractors need to hold a license to provide a service. Every state has its own requirements and it’s important for these professionals to comply. If you need to hire general contractors, be sure to ask if they hold a license because that’s one of the guarantees that they’re always working to improve their knowledge and skills about the business. It also assures you that they are always updated in the local building codes. Their credibility and expertise make them stand out from the rest.

Responsibilities of General Contractors

Aside from managing subcontractors and laborers, general contractors are also responsible for providing for the materials and equipment need for each project. They should rent engineering tool and vehicles if needed. They are also responsible for ensuring that quality work is delivered on time.

General contractors are also tasked to ensure everyone’s safety on the site. They also have to apply for permits and request for site surveying. Disposing and recycling of construction materials are also included in their list of responsibilities. If you need to hire an expert general contractor Toronto, start by checking out every reputable construction company in your area and give each one a closer look. Finding the one that suits your requirements should be easy if you know how these professionals work.

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