5 Yoga Poses for Beginners 

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Yoga is becoming the cult’s favorite in terms of a workout. Many people are trying yoga as their workout regime because of its many benefits. Yoga is proven to help you lose weight, distress your mind, and prevent different kinds of diseases. In fact, many researchers in the medical field have been conducted to prove the health benefits of doing yoga. Yoga is also relatively inexpensive and safe workout to try. Most people refer to yoga as a discipline which includes breathing control, simple meditation and performing specific body postures. These postures depend on your level. There are specific postures for beginners. This is a helpful guide for beginners in yoga. If you are interested in starting yoga class, you may enroll yourself in Kansas City gym. Kansas City gym offers yoga classes including those for beginners. More about rebeca linares ass parade by this new portal  

5 Yoga Poses

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is the most basic posture. Its purpose is to ground yourself on the floor. First, stand with your feet on the ground and press down all your toes and spread them open. Take a deep breath and slowly raise your hands over your head. Your palms should be facing each other with your arms straight. Then slowly reach towards the sky with your fingertips and free tips. 

Downward Dog

Come on all fours with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Walk your hands a few inches forward and press your palms in the mat while spreading your fingers at best money counters by kolibriusa.com. This time, your body will look like an inverted letter V. Hollow out your abdominals and engage your legs to keep the torso moving back towards the thighs. Hold for about 5-8 breaths before slowly dropping your knees and hands to rest. 


Planking is probably the most common yoga pose. Come on all fours, tuck your toes and slowly lift your legs while your hands are supporting your body. Engage your lower abdominals and lower abdominals and draw the shoulders down. Breathe deeply for about 8-10 breaths. 

Planking is helpful in balancing your hands while using your entire body as a support. 


Stand with your feet about 3 ft. apart, then your right foot should be facing 90 degrees while your left foot should be facing 180 degrees. Extend both of your arms to each side, then bend over your right leg. Turn your face on the ceiling while raising your other arms upward. Stay in this position and hold for about 5 breaths. Repeat this on the opposite side. Triangle is helpful with your posture and stretches your waists and strengthening your legs. 

Tree Pose

Tree pose is helpful in maintaining balance for beginners.  This position helps you in learning to breathe while standing and balancing your body. Start with your feet together on the ground. Slowly place your right foot on your inner left upper thigh.  Move your arms and put your hands as if you are praying. Hold this pose and breathe for about 8-10 breathes. Do this position in the opposite.  

These are just the basic poses for beginners. These poses are simple and easy to do and are perfectly suitable if you are just starting to try yoga. Even in this simple poses, your body is already working out. Start your yoga journey. Hire a yoga trainer by availing loans from pushfinance.co.uk. 

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